19 Senior Health Services Your Health Insurance May Cover for FREE

Free Senior Services

With the new Healthcare laws in place, insurance companies are now required to cover the cost of certain services that you may have previously paid co-pays for. Some services fall under Preventative items, like flu shots, vaccines, etc, while others are more general and routine assessment services, like tracking your height and weight and assessing cognition and mobility.

Preventative Services Covered:

  1. Colon cancer screening tests – If you’re 50+, this service may now be covered in full by your insurance provider.
  2. Annual Mammograms for Breast Cancer screening
  3. Annual Cervical Cancer screening, including a pelvic exam and pap smear – Caught early, cervical cancer is almost entirely treatable!
  4. Heart screening like cholesterol checks and certain cardiovascular health tests
  5. Free diabetes screenings
  6. Nutritional therapy or counseling in a medical environment to help manage diabetes or kidney disease.
  7. Prostate cancer screening.
  8. Annual flu shots
  9. Hepatitis B vaccine
  10. Bone mass tests – Helpful for managing osteoporosis onset and identifying early ways to manage it.
  11. Bulging blood vessel checks to prevent abdominal aortic aneurysm
  12. Free HIV screening tests – You’ll have to ask for this one! While it’s not part of a typical routine assessment, the service may be offered for free through your insurance provider if you ask.

General Services Covered:

  1. General informational measurements like your height, weight, blood pressure, and BMI
  2. Family health history review to assess potential risks based on issues you know of in your family – A good example of this is Hypertension or heart disease, which is often seen in whole families.
  3. Personal physical assessment
  4. Mental health risk assessment, including screening for depression
  5. Review of your functional ability and level of safety (including cognitive impairment)
  6. Medicare screening scheduling at the provided 5 and 10 year intervals
  7. Referrals for further assessment or treatment of other identified risks or health issues

Not sure if you or your loved one should be receiving these services? Contact your health insurance provider or medical professional for a list of services they cover at no cost to you.

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