You are worthy of HONOR and RESPECT, but that’s just the beginning. This is your home and your care is tailored to your specific needs.


Where possible, Gold Choice offers you private rooms for personal space, and private bathrooms to maintain your personal hygiene.


Joining in on the community around you is encouraged, but we understand and encourage down time and privacy as you desire. This is life on your terms. Assistance when you want it, and independence when you don’t.


Whether you are in your personally decorated apartment, surrounded by your own furniture & keepsakes or enjoying our socialization areas and activities, your environment should feel like home, your home.

You are the architect of your own day. 

It is our belief that life at Gold Choice is the new answer to assisted living. We believe in providing complete care that meets your:
personal living needs, physical needs, mental health needs, and social needs.

Your life should be as comfortable as possible.


Worry free living.

Knowing your needs tomorrow will be met within the budget you have today means Independence and not having to rely on loved ones to help supplement your income to cover your expenses.

Gold Choice wants to offer you an affordable alternative for assisted living and memory care.

We want you to enjoy life with us.

We want you to join our community without financial stress.