Alzheimers┬áCare Ormond Beach – there’s no better place than Gold Choice!

Our staff is skilled in Alzheimers Care and dedicated to providing the best care possible for your loved one. We are also able to provide Dementia Care, Assisted Living and Senior Living.

The Alzheimers Care Ormond Beach building wing is fully secured and designed specifically for memory-impaired residents. The unit is monited and staff 24/7 with licensed nurses.

Alzheimers residents experience independence to participate in activities at will both in groups or individually.

The Alzheimers Care Ormond Beach unit has a beautiful landscaped Courtyard that is part of the secured, monitored area. Special activity stations throughout the wing have tools and items designed to mimic your loved one’s favorite past times.

We strive to offer affordable Alzheimer care plans. You always know what to expect each month. And our friendly staff will make do their best to make each visit enjoyable and every concern addressed!

Monthly assessments from the Director of Nursing ensure that your loved one is receiving the highest level of care and ensures that you will be alerted to any changes in health and impairment.

Experience our commitment to your DIGNITY – COMFORT – VALUE!


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